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Marketing and Collaboration Manager
Full Name: Fernando Arturo Fernandez Olalla

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican republic

Fernando has been involved in the Solana blockchain since December 2021 when he developed an interest in the Woof token. He was immediately captivated by the Solana community and soon joined the moderation team at Woof where he learned about marketing and community building. Tutorial has spent 15+ hours every day around Woof and other NFT projects like WasterlanderZ, Sol Royal Club, Kozy Koalas, Bobos of War, The Last Apes and has become a familiar face within the NFT community. He developed a keen interest in the marketing side of things and would broker collaborations for other projects and would later utilize these skills when Robert approached him to be part of SkullClub. Fernando has also been responsible with brokering the deal with SkullClub’s Video Game programmer for Gen 2 and instrumental behind the complex budgeting involved. In “real life”, Fernando currently works for his country’s government as an interinstitutional broker and in an administrative position. He also owns other businesses such as an insurance brokerage company and has a financial background. He is a Business Administration major. Outside Discord, Fernando is a very extroverted person, loves to go out with his wife and friends, to travel and enjoy life! He is also an extreme football fan (the real one, not that American one.) Also loves films, tv shows and music. Happy father of two wonderful dogs.

Head of Community
Full Name: Robert Barfoot

Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

Rob (Roba) has just over 2 years of experience within the crypto industry having started with a small investment in utility coins such as XRP and XDC. Through further investments he made an attractive profit from both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu before moving into the Solana Ecosystem and focusing on Woof Solana. Roba has been a member of the Woof Moderation team since November 2021 and has also moderated for other projects including Bulldog Billionaires before helping to put together SkullClub.
In "real life" Roba works for a large vehicle manufacturer and focuses on Customer Experience and Quality Assurance and has worked within the motor industry since age 17.Outside of work, and when not spending time on Discord, Roba enjoys cooking, reading (mainly horror novels) and escape rooms.

Co-Founder, Developer & Designer
Full Name: Felix Kimmerle

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Kümmel started with Crypto mining or more precisely: Ethereum mining. He then invested the profits generated into various coins such as Dogecoin and more stable investments including Bitcoin. He also has experience day trading using bots. Through the Ethereum Blockchain he came into contact with NFTs, but after becoming disillusioned with the high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, he moved his focus into Solana. After developing the foundations for SkullClub, including putting together the minting website himself and developing the back end requirements, Kümmel and close friends Luis and FabL, approached Robasmith and Tutorial to focus on the community building side of the project.
In ''real life" Kümmel likes to play handball and is also good at playing the piano. He spends a lot of time with his friends both in Discord and in person. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic drone pilot and loves to film the environment with them.

Co-Founder, Developer & Designer
Full Name: Luis Mertens

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Like Kummel and FabL, Luis started in crypto with Ethereum mining, which allowed him to secure his first profits. He invested these profits into a diversified portfolio including BNB, AVAX, XRP, and FTM which allowed him to unlock more profits. This developed into a strong passion for the cryptocurrency space which naturally resulted in Luis exploring the NFT market, in which he saw the huge potential that community-driven projects can deliver when operated properly. Luis is a strong believer in the NFT market being accessible for everyone. Therefore, when putting in the groundwork around SkullClub, he made the decision to focus on the Solana blockchain due to the lower gas fees. His skills in Blender, Photoshop, Unity and his knowledge in the Programming Language Java and C# helped him to get SkullClub off the ground. Outside of the crypto world, Luis spends his free time in the gym, playing the guitar and flying his drone. He also has a keen interest in cars and loves socialising with his large circle of friends.

Roberta Fettucine (Skull Chad)
DAO Manager

Hey there! My name is Roberta Fettuccine and I am the current DAO Manager for SkullClubDAO. I also currently act as the Community Manager for Woofsolana and technical assistance for the Shrek DAO in Gothic Degens.

I believe that multi-sig wallets and DAOs can save the DeFi space from ruggers more than Doxxing ever could!

I do everything in my power to spread these tools to projects everywhere in order to democratize project decisions and empower holders to help grow their favorite projects through a unified effort.

I believe that together DAOs can build great things, and SkullClubDAO is no exception!

Reeesha Skull
Tech support/treasury manager
Full Name: Richard West

Location: Czech republic

Reeesha started with crypto 1.5 years ago and started working with NFT projects around October 2021.

He studied HW and Sw engineering and works as a technician so troubleshooting and solving tech problems is right up his alley.

Outside of work he likes to fly racing drones, do sports and build cool shit.