Skulletons In The Wasteland

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Skulletons In The Wasteland

We are delighted to announce that 500 Skulletons In The Wasteland will be airdropped to holders, FOR FREE, on 8. Oktober 2022

Here's all the information you could possibly need:

How do I get one?
295 will be airdropped to holders of SkullClubDAO Generation 1 NFTs. Your NFT needs to be either staked, or in your wallet. Listed NFTs will not be eligible.
200 will be airdropped to holders of WastelanderZ NFTs. Your NFT needs to be either staked, or in your wallet. Listed NFTs will not be eligible. (Comic Books are excluded)
5 1/1s have been created to give to other projects.

A snapshot will take place at some point between now and launch. We highly recommend de-listing now for your chance at an airdrop.
The exact time and date of the airdrop will not be announced. The more skulls you have, the higher your chance of an airdrop. If you want to accumulate more Skulls to increase your chances, now is the time.

Staking and $DECAY
We are using a new staking service for the mini-collection. This service is operated by Burrito Boyz and offers one of the smoothest experiences on the market right now.
There will be no transaction fees for staking and you can stake multiple in one transaction. The only fee is a claim fee of 0.02 SOL which is when you actually claim your $DECAY.

Skulletons will earn 5 $DECAY/day for the first 2 months, after which time this will reduce to 2 $DECAY/day. The sooner you stake, the more you'll earn.

$DECAY will be tradeable on Famous Foxes Token Market and will be verified for use on their Rafffle service. There will be a $DECAY raffle posted every 2 days and $DECAY is ONLY earnable via staking, ensuring it remains highly exclusive.

Further utility for $DECAY will be rolled out over time.

Magic Eden
The collection will be listed on Magic Eden as soon as airdrops begin. We have everything set up with them already and they are just awaiting our final hash list. Any collections that appear before the airdrops begin ARE UNOFFICIAL.
We have noticed 3 fake Skulletons collections on Magic Eden and OpenSea (which have been removed). Please don't get caught out. We will post an announcement when airdrops begin. Use official links only!

Guaranteed Drops
Anyone holding 35+ skulls will be guaranteed an airdrop if they don't get one from the normal drop process.
Our raid contests are still live and will remain live up until launch. The winner of each week will get a guaranteed drop. (Scroll up to the announcement from 8th September for info)
There will be a few more guaranteed winners, starting with the winner of the poker game on Sunday (see 👻dao-announcements for info)

Team Break
I cannot begin to explain how much work has gone into this. Our team will be taking a very well earned break tomorrow, Saturday 24th and will return on Sunday.

We cannot wait to launch this. This is only the beginning for SkullClubDAO and our team will continue putting in the work.
Get de-listing and stack your bags before the snapshot!

Compare your Skulls.