Everything You Need To Know!

- Our generous Reward Program saw over $60,000 given back to the community. This program is currently paused whilst we transition to SkullClub DAO.

- Staking via the WastelanderZ staking platform, allowing SkullClub NFT holders to stake their Skullies for $WLZ tokens

- A mini P2E game for Generation 1 is now playable on our website

- As of 23rd June 2022, SkullClub is beginning the transition to SkullClubDAO, allowing the community to have a direct input into the future operations of the project. Initial plans are to utilise the DAO wallet holdings to make investments which will benefit the project and holders. DAO members have the ability to table votes, with successful proposals implemented by the core team.

- Our Generation 1 collection was sold out with a supply of 3333

- Our unique mint window system saw prices range from 0.30 - 0.5 SOL!

- We use MetaHelix verification which does not require you to unstake your Skullies to verify. You can verify as a holder and claim your roles in 🛡|metahelix-verify in our Discord Server