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How to Raise SkullClubDAO Proposals

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DAO Proposals are proposals that the DAO can vote on in order to collectively adjust, alter, or improve the SkullClub Project via community initiatives. DAO proposals can be written and submitted by any member as long as they meet the criteria outlined below:

Each DAO proposal will require proof (either individually or collectively between multiple DAO backers) of 66 held SkullClub NFT’s (appx. 2% of the total existing SkullClub supply). This proof can be submitted via the vote proposal form found within the SkullClubDAO discord.

Each DAO proposal will also need to be submitted in the following format using the supplied form in the official SkullClubDAO discord:

Objective: What is the title or general objective/thesis of your SkullClubDAO proposal

Summary: Provide high level details regarding how your DAO proposal will be carried out and what it will seek to accomplish for the SkullClub NFT project.

Scale: What are the specific details of your DAO proposal? How much will it cost the multi-sig DAO treasury, how long will the thesis of this proposal apply, etc.?

Benefits: How will your SkullClubDAO proposal benefit the SkullClub NFT project as a whole?

Implementation: How should your SkullClubDAO proposal be implemented? In pieces, immediately, etc.

Once properly submitted and backed, each SkullClubDAO proposal will remain up for a 48 hour comment period before proceeding to vote.

How to vote in the SkullClubDAO.

The purpose of this section will be to outline the general processes regarding how to vote in the SkullClubDAO.

Once a SkullClub DAO proposal has been fully backed and a comment/adjustment period of 48 hours has passed, the proposal can then go to vote.

For now, SkullClubDAO votes will be held on the official SkullClub discord via the Voting channel. (It will be possible to move voting on-chain at a later date if the DAO sees fit to do so via a DAO vote.)

Each SkullClubDAO vote will remain up for a full 24 hours before closing to ensure that SkullClub DAO members of all time zones have the opportunity to participate.

SkullClubDAO votes that seek to alter the content of this framework must remain up for 5 days before concluding after undergoing the typical 48 hour comment period.

At this time, there is no weighting based on the number of SkullClub NFTs you hold. This, however, can be adjusted according to the DAO via the above methods mentioned.

How to manage DAO core Team Membership

The purpose of this section will be to outline the general processes regarding how to vote in the SkullClubDAO.

The current DAO Core Team positions that are available are:

Community Manager Robasmith

Marketing and Collaboration Manager Tutorial

Head of Development Luis

Head of Design Kümmel

Head of Treasury and Accounting Reeesha Skull

DAO Manager Roberta Fettucine