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The ever-expanding NFT community is full of projects offering a wide variety of benefits; from simple community projects less focused on utility, to more in-depth play-to-earn and passive income projects. Here at SkullClub our aim is not to “rock the boat” but to improve upon an already tried and tested system. Putting our community at the heart of everything we do and ensuring our members are not only engaged, but rewarded for being a part of our vision.


Phase 1

Building the foundations

Assemble a team of Developers and Community Managers
Put together a team of Moderators who have a proven track record within the NFT space

Fill all 100 OG and 666 initial Whitelist spots through efficient, yet non-intrusive marketing
Build the Discord community and reward our most loyal members >

Phase 2


Launch rarity tool

Early Access Sale

A mint window system will be utilised with a small amount of the collection released each week

Reward program rolled out in-line with the amount sold

Listing on marketplaces

Phase 3

Community building after launch

50% of minting proceeds (circa 550 SOL) used to fund SkullClub's reward program, giving back to our holders on a weekly basis

90% of secondary marketplace royalties will be redistributed to the community with 50% being used for weekly airdrops to SkullClub Generation 1 holders, and 40% for rewards to players of our mini P2E game. The other 10% will be used for marketing

SkullClub NFT’s purchased by the team from secondary marketplaces will also be used for further giveaways

Phase 4


Skullaborations is a new initiative which will involve us creating a string of cross-project mini-collections, reflecting key elements from both SkullClub and our partner projects. These mini-collections will be airdropped to holders free of charge and will unlock utilities. The more Skullies you hold, the higher your chance of receiving a free airdrop.

Phase 5

Coming soon ...

More details for Generation 2 will be announced in due course

Earn rewards and stake your Skullies for $WLZ

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